Hi there! My name is Vivian ๐Ÿ‘‹

I am a software engineer and product thinker. I am currently a software engineer at Meta, working on the app ecosystem for MR devices. Previously, I was Head of Engineering at Echo AI. I've also worked at Pinterest and got my B.S.E. in computer science at Princeton University.

I currently live in Oakland with my husband and our border collie, Knuckles. Before that, we lived abroad in Tokyo for a year.

I grew up in the hilarious and strange swamplands of Orlando, Florida. My childhood home left me with an enduring love of baby alligators, sweltering summers, and Disney World. You can read my analysis about Disney's data tracking or how to optimize your trip to Disney World.

Outside of work, I exist as an hobby probability cloud. Upon observation or interaction, my current state will collapse to one of the following: drinking coffee, writing about software engineering and tech, growing vegetables, throwing ceramics, or reading sci-fi and fantasy novels. For best results, use the Large Hadron Collider to take measurements.

Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or drop me a note at hello@vivqu.com. Your privacy matters to me.